An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) took care of not people but animals in Hong Kong and she’s enjoying it!

Sheena Rose Tamayo is a nanny to eight adorable but huge dogs – two standard poodles, two Akita Inus, Two German Shepherds and two Chinese dogs.

According to GMA News, when Tamayo went to work for her employer in 2016, she only took care of a single dog but later on, due to her skills in taking care of pets, the family was encouraged to take in more dogs to the family.

“Nungnakita ng amokonamagandanaman ‘yungresulta ng pag-aalagakosaaso, he kept on buying,” says Tamayo.

The canines that the Filipina takes care are pampered very nicely. In fact, they even have air-conditioned accommodation of their own.

“May sariling dog house posila at hindilangpomalamig, super lamig, parang winter din po,” says Tamayo.

Tamayo’s boss didn’t just found the perfect caregiver to her pets but also, the Filipina also loves what she’s doing as dogs are effective stress relievers. Through them, she is given a loving company while being away from her loved ones in the Philippines.

Who’d have thought that even dogs have their own nanny to take care of them? Indeed, they bring unfathomable joy to the family of Tamayo’s boss as they were prompted to hire a nanny just their dogs and even live in an air-conditioned dog house.

See clip below


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