You work abroad because you want to provide the financial needs of your family in the Philippines. That’s the primary goal. That is the reason why a lot of OFWs take on extra jobs just to have some extra money.

Summer Abcin on Her Facebook Post

Summer Abcin posted on her Facebook account about her sideline during Ramadan. According to her, together with her ‘madam’, they make Kubos flakes a famous food in the Middle East.

She also confessed that this extra job is very tiring but after she saw the fruit of her labor, all her tiredness went away. She felt so happy that she gained money for her family and for her savings as well.

“Tama nga sila mawawala ang pagud pag natangap muna ang pera na pinaghirapan mo..atitonaun pan dagdag ipon ko para sa bahay pag uwe ng pinas,” says Summer in her post.

This is just a firm proof of the sacrifices of OFWs abroad. They are willing to do everything for the sake of their family in the Philippines.

So, the next time you send a message to them, don’t forget to say thank you and express how much you love them. It means a lot, especially because they are alone and away from their loved ones.


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