Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia is fearful following the announcement of the government that they will no longer renew the residence permit of certain jobs.

Jobs such Purchasing Officer, Debt Collector, Dealer of Auto Show, Tour Guide, Information Recorder, Pharmacist, Assistant Pharmacist, Central Commissar, Medical Secretary, Housing Supervisor, Administrative Clerk, Secretary, Customer Accountant, Relationship Jobs, and Storekeeper, Prospecting, Support Staff, Human Resources Officer, Personnel Manager, Receptionists, Treasurer, Security Guard, Administrative Manager, Librarian, Training Manager, Purchasing Manager, Bookseller, Mail Dispenser, and Administrative Assistant,  will no longer get a residence permit as the government will no longer allow its renewal.

In 2017, about 177,696 Filipino workers were deployed in Saudi Arabia and another 178,990 in 2018. The residence permit of these workers are almost expiring and there’s no way they can renew it due to the new regulation.

Even those who are still planning to work in Saudi on these jobs will get affected.

“Kapag ng expire na yung residence permit at hindi na ma renew, they will be forced to be deported,” POEA Administrator Bernard Olalia said. “Hindi lang yung extension ang target nito pati na din yung application for a new residence permit,” Olalia added.

The Saudi government is also deporting those Filipino workers between 35 to 55 years old but it is not clear if this applies to all professionals in the country.

“Yun, mas mabigatyunkasiyungkaramihansamga workers natin ay nandunsa age bracket nayun,” says Olalia.

All of this new regulation is due to Saudization or the reduction of foreign workers in Saudi Arabia so as to pave the way for Saudi locals.

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