It’s already scary seeing all those pictures of Filipino domestic helpers being treated badly by their employers. Bruises all over the body, wounds and sore that is so painful to look at.

But still, there are a lot of Filipinos wanting to work abroad. Why? Because of the salary, there is a lot higher compared to the Philippines. Additionally, there are also a lot of good employers who shower rewards to their angels at home.

Just like this video of a Filipina who was very happy when she received a gift from her employer.

Facebook user Humoud Al Fajrawi, posted a video of a woman and another person inside the car. According to the caption of the video, the woman in the picture is Mery Jean who works as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia.

She completed 3 years of service rendered to the same employer. Mery Jean went to the Philippines to visit her three kids. Unfortunately, she lost her mobile phone there.

When she returned to Saudi Arabia, she did her best to earn more money and buy a new phone.

Good thing the daughter of her employer gave her a new phone as a gift for her three years of service. Her employer’s gesture just proves that she’s being treated well by her employer, as though she is already part of the family.

To all Filipino domestic helpers abroad, always pray that you will land an employer who will treat you fairly and make you part of their family.

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