A husband of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is asking for help because her wife allegedly has someone else in Israel.

Aldrin Dela Cruz, 31, owns a barbecue business at Makati City. He is asking for help because he is suspecting his wife for having an affair abroad.

RizielDela Cruz, 30 years old, is the wife if Aldrin who works as a caregiver in Israel. She denied all allegations against her.

Rogelio Basas, 38 years old, on the other hand, is a caregiver reliever in Israel who allegedly has a relationship with the wife of Aldrin. However, Riziel denied that they have a relationship and everything they did was just a “joke”.

Aldrin, on the other hand, claims that both Rogelio and Riziel have a malicious conversation, something that’s obviously more than friends.

Her husband who saw the chat messages and their pictures were very mad and want to deport both Rogelio and Riziel. It was also found out that Rogelio is undocumented in Israel.

Aldrin wants her wife now to return to the Philippines but her wife said that she still have loans to pay in Israel. Currently, Aldrin is planning to file a case against his cheating wife and he also removed all her rights towards their children.

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