An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who previously worked as a domestic helper in Hong Kong turned her misfortune into a blessing after she finds success in Japan.

Jonalyn Tayoto returned home from working as a domestic helper in Hong Kong as she couldn’t endure long working hours as well as starvation. From this misfortune, she was able to change her status and found success in another foreign land.

The 37-year-old Filipina now runs her own company, an immigration consultancy which is situated near Nagoya, Japan’s capital of Aichi Prefecture.

Just recently, Tayoto visited Hong Kong and recounted that she worked for a wealthy family around Kennedy Town as a domestic helper. She also claims that her female employer kept on making her life miserable by forcing her to work extra hours, not given enough food and a daily scolding on top of that.

Tayoto also said that her female employer together with her children had severe skin allergies to the point that when they remove their clothes, it gets stuck to the sores. Despite this, she was not allowed to wear gloves when handling their utensils and clothes.

Additionally, she works in another house once a week. It was owned by her female employer’s mother. Her female employer also got jealous of her as her husband was nice to Tayoto.

“Kapagnamamalengkekasiako, sinasamahanako ng lalaki para iturokunganoangmgabibilhinko. Pagdatingkosabahay ay mainitnaangulo ng babae,” says Tayoto.

Eventually, she returned home but her journey didn’t stop on that.

She went to Japan. From there, she struggled to work in a sports bar with minimum wage, just enough to pay rent. However, she met a Japanese man who helped her build an immigration consultancy. Basing on her previous work experience in the recruitment business, her newly ventured business.

She was able to set up Forza Consultants that attracted Filipino migrants with immigration issues.


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