Saudi Arabia is offering permanent residency to expatriates under specific fields amidst the ongoing Saudization that prioritizes Saudi nationals against foreigner workers.

Several foreign professionals found hope of working in Saudi Arabia despite the ongoing Saudization that aims to prioritize Saudi nationals.

Professionals such as doctors, innovators, engineers, investors and those residents who are capable of contributing to the development of Saudi Arabia can have permanent residency.

“The special residency is for doctors, engineers, innovators, investors, and residents who contribute to the development of Saudi Arabia and lead to a prosperous future,” says Lina Almaeena, member of the consultative Shura Council by which 76 members voted in favor while 55 are against the initiative.

This move is to further enhance the quest of Gulf countries towards non-oil revenues and expats have a huge contribution to this.

It can be recalled that a lot of foreigners failed to renews their residency due to the Saudization that replaces foreign workers with Saudi natives.

Foreign workers who are working as Purchasing Officer, Debt Collector, Dealer of Auto Show, Tour Guide, Information Recorder, Pharmacist,Customer Accountant, Relationship Jobs, and Storekeeper, Prospecting, Support Staff, Human Resources Officer, Personnel Manager, Receptionists, Treasurer, Security Guard, Administrative Manager, Librarian, Training Manager, Purchasing Manager, Bookseller, Mail Dispenser, and Administrative Assistant, Assistant Pharmacist, Central Commissar, Medical Secretary, Housing Supervisor, Administrative Clerk, Secretary, can no longer acquire residence visa. Even those who are planning to work on these jobs will be affected.


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