When you work abroad as a domestic helper, you will be forced to do things that you thought you can never do. You are also obliged to understand and lengthen your patience to all the demands and attitude of your employer.

An OFW identified as Jennifer Castillo Gapasin can be seen in the video mopping the floor outside the house of her employer at the hottest time of the day, 11:30-12 noon.

Another Filipina, who can be heard speaking in the video said that her employer is really heartless for letting her do such chores in really hot weather. The Filipina domestic helper had to wear a jacket and covered her head just so the heat won’t penetrate into her skin.

According to the caption of the post, the woman punished the Filipina because she complained of the harsh treatment of her employer to her sibling. The employer of the Filipina knew about it and made a fuss. She was forced to work outside, under the heat of the sun.

Gapasin also said that her employer mocks at her in front of her visitors, calling her mean “bobo”. Even food became her problem. She was not given enough food and had to spend her own money to buy some.

In return, her employer just gives her expired food or those who will expire in a day or two. In fact, Gapasin showed in a photo of the bread that her employer gave. It has molded and already expired. As with the milk which was also bought by her employer, it is about to expire in a few days.

Gapasin wants to return to the Philippines and even offered to pay her plane ticket but her employer refused it. She just hopes that through this post, she will receive the much-needed help as soon as possible.

Her details information below and video is posted here 


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