Following the recent confiscation of canned meat products which was brought by an Overseas Filipino Worker from Hong Kong, the Philippine Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Pinol reminded OFWs working in countries affected by African Swine Fever (ASF) not to bring or send pork products to the Philippines.

This move is to help avoid the spread of ASF in the Philippines. After a recent ASF incident in Hong Kong, the country was added into the list of countries affected by this disease. In fact, last May 17, they got ridden 6,000 pigs inside a slaughterhouse in Sheung Shui.

“Cambodia and Hong Kong are now included in the list of areas affected by the African Swine Fever,” Piñol clarified.

He also warned OFWs who will bring pork products from the affected countries, even those Ma Ling luncheon meat which is already inside a can and processed, that they could be fined P200,000 when caught.

“A penalty of P200,000 imposed on violators…please share so that everybody will know,” he posted on his Facebook page.

Other countries affected by the ASF are Russia, Vietnam, South Africa, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Zambia, Moldova, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Mongolia, and China.

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To further implement the regulation, Piñol also demanded the removal of pork products such as Ma Ling manufactured from August 2018 onwards from groceries, supermarkets, and retailers as it might be infected with ASF.

The pork products from affected countries were banned in the Philippines since August 2018 and “any other products shipped in after that should be recalled from the market”, as noted by Piñol.


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