If there are horror stories of OFWs being badly treated by their employers, there are also those inspiring stories which continue to push those aspirants for the better life of their families.

Facebook user Dina Nira Blanca Monid shared on Facebook her experiences as a domestic helper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

According to Dina, she is with her employer for 8 years, since she went to Dubai. Her husband died due to diabetes and was left alone with the responsibility to support their six children.

Since she was young, Dina encountered a lot of hardships in life after her parents broke up. Her father and mother both had another family but her mother took her own life because she couldn’t endure the hardships in life.

From then, she promised that her family in the future must not be the same as hers. She lived with her grandparents since then.

Dina decided to work in Dubai where she landed to Labanese employers who are very kind-hearted.

According to Dina, her employers frequently send balikbayan box to her family in the Philippines. From the content of the box until the payment for the shipment, everything is shouldered by her employers.

For the past 8 years that she worked for her employer, she was able to send her two children to college who then graduated with a degree in Education.

She is thankful to God because, despite the hardship of being away from her children, they are always blessed as she slowly fulfills the dreams of her children.

Such and inspiring story amidst all the horror of working abroad.

Great Job, Dina! Continue inspiring others!

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