A Filipina in Hong Kong was taken into police custody after nakawan a fellow Filipina. She was caught in the act by the woman who didn’t hesitate to run after her after finding out that her personal things went missing.

Ezy De Vega went to Worldwide House, a shopping center in HK, to look for a dress at around 3:30p.m. However, a woman approached her to check her bag as it was already opened.

As she goes through her belongings, she found out that her wallet containing her identification cards and money as well as her cosmetic products. She was terribly devastated because that money was for her food allowance the entire month.

Ezy questioned the woman who first saw her opened bag whether she saw the person who took her belongings. The woman pointed another Filipina who was running in the opposite direction. She was obviously the robber who was unhesitant to rob her on daylight.

Without thinking twice, Ezy ran as fast as she could and chased the culprit who could have carried a patalim at baril. Fortunately, she was able to take a grab of the robber and the content of her bag fell down, exposing the wallet of Ezy and her cosmetics.

She called the security personnel of Worldwide House and they took the robber to the police station. The robber was imprisoned but Ezy is yet to file a case against her.

She is currently thinking whether or not she will file a case against the fellow Filipina.


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