A group of Filipino men went to a mall in Kuwait to buy the latest Yeezy sneakers which were released over the weekend. However, instead of getting their desired shoes, they experienced discrimination and degraded from the crowd.

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In a letter which was sent to TwoFortyEightAM, a group of Filipino men went to Al Hamra at the Adidas Store to buy the latest released Yeezy sneakers. They arrived there really early, around 6 in the morning.

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There were 6 Filipinos already in line and they were the first ones to arrive at the store. They were given a paper where they should write their names and their preferred sizes. Everything was civilized at first until the store was about to open.

Around 8:30 a.m., one of the store’s representative announced that Kuwaitis will be prioritized above other nationalities. After they said that, Kuwaiti guys rushed in front and chaos started to arise.

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One Filipino questioned this regulation by saying, “What about us?” However, the store’s representative was sarcastic enough and said, “Filipino want to buy shoes?” and it draws laughs all over the crowd.

Kuwaiti men started to walk inside the store. But one Arab woman took up the courage and said that this is unfair and considered racism. She was just ignored.

The group of Filipino men left but other guys mocked at them which resulted in the majority of Kuwaiti crowd doing the same thing.

These Filipinos waited for approximately 2 and a half hours just to be mocked and humiliated.

The encounter was recorded in a video and mall personnel are already investigating the issue.


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