Do you consider yourself a milk tea addict? Well, anything too much is bad, including your favorite milk tea.

In Zheijiang Province, China, a 14-year-old girl was sent to the hospital as she was suffering from severe constipation and stomachache.

Later on, doctors discovered undigested milk tea pearls inside her stomach which could be the cause of her constipation and stomachache.

The teenager refused to eat because of the pain she’s experiencing. She also cannot move her bowels so her parents decided to send her to the hospital.

Her doctor asked the food she ate prior to the stomachache and said that she drank milk tea about 5 days ago. However, upon close examination, doctors found milk tea peals inside her stomach as well as her digestive tract.

Image Via Rachfeed

Though the girl claimed that she only consumed one milk tea serving prior to the incident, it is possible that she was just hiding her habit of drinking milk tea from her parents as this problem can only occur if you consume too much of this drink.

Her doctor explained that pearls found on milk teas are made from tapioca which is hard to digest. The teenager was given laxative and advised to limit her milk tea consumption.

Nowadays, milk tea is considered an in-demand drink and many people line up at their favorite milk tea stores just to get a sip of it. But then, experts warned the public against too much consumption of milk tea but it all fell on deaf ears.


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