A Filipina domestic helper is set to be deported after getting caught selling fake Adidas jacket in Hong Kong. However, she claims that she never knew the brand famously known for its three stripes.

Domestic Helper on Their Day Off at HSBC Hong Kong/ Image Source – Hong Kong News

The Filipina was found guilty of selling fake items at Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) and is set to be deported back to her home country.

The defendant identified as MerAngeli G.S said that she “did not know” this brand (Adidas), therefore, she claims that she doesn’t have knowledge that the items she is selling are fake. She was selling these fake items to fellow Filipinos hanging out at HSBC building when authorities arrested her.

“The defendant said she did not know the forged trademark and had no reason to suspect that it was fake,” says Magistrate Pang Leung-Ting.

She claims that she hails from a village which is “remote…six hours from Manila and there’s not even a supermarket there.” However, the judge couldn’t agree to it.

“The defendant’s account was not sensible or reasonable. Adidas is an international brand and its advertisements can be seen in newspapers, magazines, TV, MTR stations, and bus stops,” claims the judge.

“Secondly, the defendant started working in September 2016. She had been in HK for one and a half year by February (2018 when she was arrested). It is hardly believable that she was totally ignorant of the products of Adidas,” he added.

Three cases were filed against her – selling good with a fake trademark, breach of a condition of stay and possessing goods with a fake trademark.

An undercover agent caught her off-guard and was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment and deportation.


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