It takes a lot of courage and determination to work abroad. The foreign employers who seem to refuse to understand at times are not the only problem. Homesickness is something that you need to fight every day as being away from your loved ones, especially your children, seems to be the toughest thing to do.

On special occasions such as your birthday, you will have to celebrate alone. Lucky if you have food on the table as some already sent all their earnings to their family in the Philippines and you have friends to accompany you.

But to this woman, she was left alone on her birthday but still decided to celebrate it and thank the Lord for giving her another year.

In Hong Kong, OFWs tend to have a break from their work every week and it’s their time to gather at public areas and be with their friends.

Facebook user Macky Mendoza randomly took a photo of Overseas Filipino Workers gathered at Central, Hong Kong. Later did he know, he captured a purely touching moment – an OFW celebrating her birthday in a small space made from a cardboard box.

From there, she posted a “Happy Birthday” on the side and foods can also be seen on top of the small table. This one photo speaks a thousand words especially about the life of an OFW. The one who took the picture also felt upon seeing the priceless moment that she captured on cam.

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“Anak: Nay, pabili naman ako ng mga damit at sapatos para sabay ako sa uso!
Nanay : Sige ‘Nak!”

“Anak: Nay, pabili ako bagong cellphone.
Nanay: Sige, ‘Nak!”

“Anak: Nay, penge naman dagdag baon.
Nanay: Sige’ Nak! Magkano?”

“Anak: Ma, magbi-birthday na ako, pwede ba ako magpaparty?
Nanay: Sige ‘Nak para masaya sa bday mo.”

“Hon, pabili naman relo, sapatos at pabango jan.
Asawa: Sige Hon.”

Earlier today while walking around Central, Hong Kong, I saw these group of pinay domestic helpers having their day off on a nearby bus terminal. I randomly took a picture of them as I shed tears with what I just witnessed. When I checked the photo, I noticed that one pinay is actually celebrating her own birthday on that small space. Wow!!!

I hope this should serve again as a wake up call to all the family members of an OFW. Grabe po sakripisyo ng mga OFWs natin, wag po natin sayangin lahat ng hirap nila, dugo’t pawis para lang may maipadala sa kanya kanyang pamilya. Kamustain natin sila, check natin kung okay ba sila sa lagay nila. Wag po tayo puro asa sa pasalubong. Hindi biro ang lumayo sa pamilya at hindi din biro ang sakripisyo na nagagawa nila.

To all OFWs out there, saludo po kami sa inyong lahat. Mabuhay kayong lahat! Alam namin gaano nyo kamahal ang pamilya ninyo. Kahit gaano kahirap, magtira din po kayo para sa sarili at sa future nyo. Di bali nang humindi sa gusto ng iba, kaysa pag dating ng panahon, uuwi kayo, tatanda at aasa lang sa iba. Mabuhay po kayo!

OFWs should be appreciated. If you have someone in the family who works as an OFW, don’t forget to check on them instead of sending a message whenever you need money or you want them to buy something for you.

Kudos to all OFWs all over the world!


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