Amidst all the controversy involving Filipino domestic helpers being treated badly by their employers, you are considered lucky if you land a decent and kind-hearted sponsor.

Unfortunately, not all employers are bad. There are also Filipino domestic helpers who take advantage of the kindness of their employers.

In a live video which was posted on Facebook, a woman found out that her Filipina domestic helper brought a man inside their house in Kuwait while they are away.

It appears that the female employer of this OFW is also a Filipina which is something good considering that they are from the same country.

But what the Filipina domestic helper did was truly unacceptable. According to the Filipina employer, they went out to buy some stuff only to return home seeing their helper in the arms of a foreign man.


The employer said that she texted the Filipina but didn’t receive a reply. When they arrived home, she went directly to the room of the OFW to check on her. She knocked on the door several times but didn’t get any response.


She wanted to check the situation inside so she peak at the window of her helper’s room. From there, she saw the OFW lying on the bed with a man beside her. She was shocked and wanted to break the door so she can enter.

The Filipina employer and her husband decided to call the police as the man’s intrusion inside their house are unacceptable. The lover of the Filipina maid is just their neighbor but they refused to let the incident pass.


The lover of the Filipina kept on asking sorry and pleaded them not to call the police but they have decided to teach them a lesson knowing that the woman is married in the Philippines. She also has children yet she still made this huge mistake.

In Kuwait, physical contact between men and women outside marriage is highly prohibited.

See clip below



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