Following the recent protest in Hong Kong, the Philippine Consulate General sent and advisory to Filipino nationals to stay away from the demonstration area which attracts danger in case of conflict rises.

In the PCG Advisory, it says that Filipino nationals must keep themselves away from government central offices particularly at the Legislative Complex in both Tamar Park and Admiralty.

However, in case Filipinos find themselves among the crowd, they must be cautious and vigilant as there might be an occurrence of violence in the area.

Additionally, the PCG advice the public to reschedule any transactions, if it is not absolutely immediate, around or very near the demonstration areas.

They also promised to monitor the situation and release frequent updates with regards to the current situation in Hong Kong.

Here is the entire PCG Advisory:

“In view of the on-going mass protests in Hong Kong, the Philippine Consulate General advises our Filipino nationals in Hong Kong to keep away from demonstration areas which are generally concentrated outside the government central offices, particularly the Legislative Complex, in Admiralty and in Tamar Park.

Should our nationals find themselves among the crowds of protesters, they should exercise extreme caution and vigilance in order to keep themselves safe from any isolated act of violence that might occur.

The Consulate further advises the consular public that unless their need is absolutely immediate, they should consider rescheduling their consular transactions at the Consulate which is located very near the demonstration areas.

The Consulate requests our Filipinos in Hong Kong to keep themselves updated with the security situation in Hong Kong as of this time through media reports.

The Consulate shall continue to monitor the situation and provide public advisories from time to time as necessary.

For the public’s information and guidance.”

To avoid getting trap in the midst of commotion in Hong Kong, it is advised to stay away from the places mentioned above and safety precaution is needed at all times.

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Posted by HOCC on Monday, June 10, 2019


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