Kuwaiti Amir turns 90 years old bit preferred to have a simple birthday party that attests to his title, “The Amir of Humanity”.

Additionally, photos of what appears to be his domestic helpers became viral online. In the picture, he can be seen holding the hands of four women who were his helpers. These simply shows how good of an employer he is, ignoring the status of these women and socialize with them on this special day of his life.

The Amir of Kuwait Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah turned 20 on June 16 as he was born on 1929. According to reports, the maids who appeared in the picture asked to attend the party for the Amir whom they have personally organized for him.

This made rounds on Twitter and the Amir is lauded for his kindness towards other people. In the image that’s been circulated online, the name of the Kuwaiti leader is also visible at the background.

Kuwait is one of the major destinations of Filipinos in the Middle East who are planning to work and find a greener pasture for their families in the Philippines.

However, the deployment of Filipino workers particularly domestic workers were temporarily halted last year due to the rising cases of Filipinos suffering from the hands of their employers. The ban was only lifted after a memorandum of understanding was signed by both countries to ensure the protection of OFWs.


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