Because of her ‘online boyfriend’, this Filipina domestic helper got involved in an illegal transaction amounting to $600,000 (PhP4.4 million).

A certain Jeanette C. Rodriguez pleaded guilty in front of the Eastern Magistrates Courts after Hong Kong police intercepted her following a dubious transaction amounting to $677,331.04 that involves two banks, Bank of China and Hang Seng Bank.

According to reports, the online boyfriend of Rodriguez courted four other Chinese women on Facebook who deposited the funds to the banks.

Rodriguez is a single mother to four kids. She admitted to the money laundering scam after her online boyfriend identified only as Mr. Brown promised to marry her when he comes to Hong Kong. She also received $12,000 after helping Mr. Brown.

“I admit it,” says Rodriguez in front of Eastern Presiding Magistrate Peter Law.

The OFW was sentenced to 8 months of imprisonment as money laundering in Hong Kong is a “very serious” offence.

“Money laundering is a very serious matter, especially with international elements,” says Judge Law. “In the present case, the defendant started out believing the romance—this is a cheated romance—and in a later stage it turned criminal,” he added.

According to the lawyer of the Filipina, she met Mr. Brown through Facebook and fell in love with him. They started communicating and the guy promised to marry her. Eventually, Rodriguez trusted him.

One Chinese woman allegedly deposited $100,000. Rodriguez then withdrew the money and deposited to a bank in Taiwan.

The sentence of Rodriguez was lowered because of her plea and the court considered that she was tricked by her online boyfriend.


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