The supposed free trip in Hong Kong ended up a total disaster after a Filipina call center was sent to prison for 6 months instead.

Maureen Gutierrez, 23, never thought that she will end up in a jail facility in Hong Kong. According to Maureen, she got excited on the offer of an insurance company for a 5-day all day expense paid trip.

She didn’t hesitate to join the free trip because the one who offered it is her sister’s godmother. With PhP15,000 in her pocket, she flew to Hong Kong.

“Paglapagnaminsa Hong Kong, nag-antaylang kami sandali. Taposmayroongdumatingna Chinese boss nila, then silanagbigay ng instructions, pinakainlang kami sandali, pinagpahinga kami. Tapospinag-open na kami ng bank account,” says Maureen.

It was never in their conversation that they will open a bank account and sign an employment contract. But she was left without a choice and ended up doing what they asked her.

“Pagpasokponaminsabangko, siyaang nag-provide ng information na employee kami ng ganitongkompanyasa Hong Kong. And then makakapag-open kami ng bank account for payroll. That day nakapag-open kami ng tatlong bank account,” Maureen said.

Not too long, Hong Kong police came and they were arrested. She tried to call the person who offered free tour but she refused to answer.

Soon after, they realized that their case involves fake employment contract.

“Nag-stay po kami sa police station for three days. Hindi ponaminalamnasobranglakinoongkasonamin. Doon pa lang, pagpasok ng mgapulis, sinabinilasaaminnahindiniyobaalamna 2 1/2 years angsentensiyasaginawaniyo,” says one of the policeman.

Maureen served 6 months in jail and was only allowed to return to the Philippines this April. Upon her arrival to the Philippines, Maureen decided to go to the National Bureau of Investigation to ask for help and raise awareness towards such modus.

However, according to the investigator who handled the case of Maureen, they couldn’t go any further and only raise awareness for the time being because the incident happened outside the country.

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