A Filipino in Hong Kong who jumped bail (failed to appear in court with the intention of avoiding sentencing, jail or prosecution) is set to reappear on July 3 in the West Kowloon Court.

West Kowloon Court – Image Via SunWebHK

The Filipino identified as Raymund Ayson was asked by Magistrate Ada Yim if he wanted the legal assistance as he can be given a lawyer coming from the Duty Lawyer System.

But for the meantime, Ayson will be in police custody since he jumped bail. According to the prosecutor, the defendant failed to show up on the hearing which was set on May 3 resulting to the court ordering his arrest and also confiscated the bail money which was set for him.

Magistrate Yim asked the defendant for the reason in failing to appear at the hearing but he only said that family matters kept him busy. He then forgot about the hearing.

“I had no idea that I was to have a hearing on that date,” says Ayson.

Furthermore, Ayson asked for a $500 bail so he can be with his family but it was refused by the magistrate. It was definitely denied by the court because there’s a huge possibility that he won’t be showing again just like what he did previously.

What happens when you jump bail?

If the defendant jumps bail, there’s a huge chance that the court will revoke the bail bond which was set and given a warrant of arrest instead.


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