Netizens were all praises when a Filipino nurse shared his experience while on board an aircraft as he was going home to the Philippines.

Image Via Daily Guardian

According to the OFW nurse Francis Dominic Mendoza, they were on board an airplane when the incident happened. He helped a pregnant Filipina deliver her baby safely mid-air.

The airplane was from Doha, Qatar going to the Philippines. However, while they were near Thailand, the Filipina was on labor and he didn’t hesitate to help her.

Mendoza said that he helped the Filipino cabin crew to deliver the baby safely. They used the airplane’s first aid kit and other improvised things.

The aircraft had to make an emergency landing in Bangkok airport so as to give the Filipina the medical attention that she needs.

Image Via ABS-CBN News

According to Mendoza, he is happy to help as it is part of his responsibility as a nurse, be it inside or outside the hospital.

Mendoza is working as a nurse in Ireland.

According to Qatar Airways, they cannot accept expectant moms who have multiple or complicated pregnancies already in their 33rd week or beyond to be on board. Additionally, they won’t also allow expectant mothers to travel while already on their 36th week of pregnancy.

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