There are things that you can hand carry while others are required to be check-in when in UAE airports. So as to avoid problems when traveling, it is important to know these airport regulations.

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Things Allowed For Carry On

Loose Batteries

As for Emirates Airlines, batteries be it spare or loose, which includes lithium metal and lithium-ion cells for portable devices are only allowed to be placed in carry-on baggage.

Power Banks

Power banks are considered spare batteries, therefore, it must be placed inside your carry-on luggage. To avoid a short circuit, these batteries must be protected individually. However, each passenger is only allowed 20 spare batteries.

Batteries exceeding 100 watt-hours/ 2 grams of lithium content

Though allowed as carry on, lithium batteries exceeding 100 eat hours need airline permission. 2 spare batteries are allowed only. It must also be individually protected so as to avoid short circuit.


E-cigarettes must not be placed on checked-in luggage, only in carry-on luggage. The batteries must also be removed in case it accidentally gets activated.

Items Allowed On Board

  1. Passenger’s personal belongings (exempted from customs fees)
  2. Video cameras (still or moving)
  3. Cash money (less than Dh100,000)
  4. Radio systems, CD, DVD players, Combines Broadcasting Apparatus
  5. Projectors
  6. Telescopes
  7. Mobile Phones
  8. Portable TV Sets
  9. Computers and Laptops
  10. Baby Strollers
  11. Portable music Equipment
  12. Sports Equipment
  13. Portable Typing Sets
  14. Portable Calculators
  15. Wheelchairs

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