There’s no denying that there is a huge number of Filipina being $exually abu$ed by other nationalities. However, no matter how common it is, we cannot keep a blind eye on it.

This Filipina shares the technique she is using to avoid such incident from happening to her while she works abroad, away from her husband and her children.

In an open letter which was shared by OFW Princess S. Niegos, the only way to keep yourself from harm is to maintain a fair distance with other nationalities that might misinterpret your every action.

Princess confessed that she herself had encounters with foreign men who are trying to befriend her through Facebook. However, she refuses to accept their requests as this could escalate to unnecessary friendship.

Princess reminded fellow Kababayans that foreigners have a different culture compared to Filipinos. In the Philippines, you can have friends with men yet you are not misunderstood. But as for other nationalities, even as little as accepting their friend request on Facebook could mean that you are entertaining them and giving them the attention which could be misunderstood.

Unfortunately, Princess further said that she usually sees and knew several Filipina who acts as though they are not married or don’t have a family in the Philippines.

Princess admits that being away from her family in the Philippines is such a tough thing. But she chose to have a clean conscience. Something that her husband appreciates and in return, he trusts her so much.

Princess calls other Filipina, especially those who already have a family in the Philippines, to act accordingly. It is still better to send your hard-earned money to your loved ones rather than the money you get from interacting with foreign men.


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