Just recently, Kuwait police were shocked after receiving a tip that a confused-looking man was trying to throw a ‘bundle’ which turns out to be a newborn baby which is the result of their prohibited relationship.

Image Via About Kids Health

According to the Criminal Investigation Department, they were just waiting for the autopsy report which was conducted to the newborn to determine the cause of demise.

It was also found out that a Syrian man was the one who tried to get rid of the poor baby. Aside from the possibility of faces other charges which will be filed against them, the couple, an Egyptian and a Filipina, were also charged with engaging to such activities despite the fact that they are both married in their respective countries.

Meanwhile, the Syrian who was caught red-hand while trying to dispose of the remains of the baby was charged with misleading police and hiding evidence.

Just like in any other Arab country, engaging in such activities that are only for married people is not allowed. As for the case of the Egyptian and Filipina, there’s a huge possibility that they are trying to hide that they had a baby by dumping the poor child through the help of the Syrian man.

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