A Filipina domestic helper was fined with HK$1,500 after she took a child’s wallet that she found inside a games arcade in Hong Kong.

Image Via Business Insider

According to reports, Esther Mislang took the HK$240 cash of the child as well as the Octopus card that are both inside the boy’s wallet.

Additionally, Magistrate Peter Yu demanded that the 55-year-old domestic helper to return the HK$250 that was inside the 5-year-old girl’s wallet.

Mislang, a domestic helper for 10 years to the same employer, pleaded guilty into taking the wallet that she only found at the games arcade.

According to the prosecution, the Kindergarden 3 girl went to Aberdeen Centre with her father to play some machine games. However, when they left the arcade, the young girl realized that she forgot to get the wallet that she just placed in one of the seats in an arcade machine. They immediately returned to the arcade but the wallet was nowhere to be found.

The father of the child asked for the CCTV footage of the area and they saw Mislang picking up the wallet and placing it inside her bag. Then she left.

Image Via Smiggle

The case was presented to the police and the Filipina was arrested. However, she denied taking the wallet. Instead, she claims that she only inspected it and threw in a trash bin.

However, during the court hearing, Mislang’s lawyer confessed that the Filipina definitely found the wallet took the cash and card then dumped it in the bin.

They are pleading for leniency as the defendant is remorseful and willing to pay the money she took.


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