Giving birth to a single baby is already a struggle, how much more if it’s four.

However, this Filipino-American woman defies all odds as she gave birth to four baby last month. Kimberly Anne, Savannah Page, Parker Duane, and Samantha Kate were born in the same day, just a minute apart at Cebuana Haydee Bertsch, Tennessee.

Image Via ABS-CBN News

Haydee claims that she carried her babies for 31 and a half weeks but the struggle is more so when she delivered the four babies as she was assisted by 20 hospital staffs including doctors.

“The day na nanganak ako that was supposed to be my regular check-up. But one of the doctors in Vanderbilt decided to assist me, check my cervix that they said you’re ready to go. You’re ready because it was 4 cm na. I was in labor. Pain tolerance ko is really high so hindi ko naramdaman I was in labor that day,” says Haydee.

Haydee and husband Mark first met when they were both working in the Middle East. They were working in Egypt when they knew about Haydee’s pregnancy. That’s when they decided to return to the US.

As they return home, the Bertsch family is full of joy and diapers.

“You can imagine going up 40 diapers a day, not including our toddler, so 40 diapers a day for quads. That’s 8 feedings a day, times 4 so that’s 32 feedings a day; 32 bottles get made a day, 40 diapers gets changed a day–yeah all those things times 4 that typical household will do with one baby we’re dealing with 4. But the blessing is times 4 as well, we not only get 4 times the work, but we get blessed 4 times over as well,” says Mark.

But for the couple, the healthy birth of the quadruple has a very special meaning. In fact, only 193 sets of quadruplets were born in 2017, making their birth quite rare.

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