A 26-year-old woman was rushed to the hospital after she swallowed  £53,000 worth of ornaments and coins.

Runi Khatun started throwing up after taking a meal, prompting her parents to take her to the hospital. Her mother claims that she noticed ornaments disappearing from their house but never thought that her daughter was the culprit to the series of disappearance.

According to Daily Mail, doctors in India’s West Bengal couldn’t believe what they saw. The woman swallowed jewelry and coins amounting to  £53,000 (PhP3,305,198 approx).

Doctors were able to retrieve 46 coins, 69 chains, five anklets, 80 earrings, 11 nose rings, 1 watch dial, 4 keys, 8 lockets from her abdomen. Most items were made of copper and brass as well as some expensive gold jewelry.

The woman’s mother also claims that her daughter is mentally unstable, the reason why she swallowed 1.5kg of coins and jewelry.

“My daughter is mentally unsound. For the past few days she used to throw up every time after having a meal,” the mother said. “Whenever we questioned her about the missing ornaments, she started crying.”

Head of the surgery department at the Rampurhat Government Medical College and Hospital Dr. Siddhartha Biswas, said that the woman could not eat anymore and was ‘emancipated’.

“The patient looked weak and emaciated. Her albumin and hemoglobin count were so low that we could not perform an operation soon. Her condition was so critical that she required at least five bottles of blood. We had to administer Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) to artificially inject food through her mouth,” Dr. Siddhartha said.

The patient’s condition is currently stable after undergoing an hour and fifteen minutes of operation.


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