At the end of the month, you often receive the money you worked hard for. How do you spend it? Or did you even had the chance to touch it with your hands?

Image Via Facebook

Sad but true, a lot of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) particularly domestic workers couldn’t even touch the money they worked so hard for. All of it is sent to their families in the Philippines.

Even for their personal needs, they hesitate to get a few pennies.

Facebook user Liza Baniaga posted on Facebook the reality she faces every time her salary arrives.

Liza formed a paper plane out of the receipt from the money transfer that she used to send money to her loved ones in the Philippines. She captioned her post;

“Yung ilang oras lang dumaplis sa kamay mo yung sahod mo. Ingat ka pauwing Pinas. Jordan to Philippines.”

Just like any OFW, Liza sends money to her family in the Philippines, continuously, without fail every month. The sad thing is that she could even buy something for herself out of the hard-earned money that she receives every month.

Are you like Liza? Do you send all your salary to the Philippines? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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