Filipinos can get higher salary when they work abroad. According to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the minimum wage of domestic helpers in the National Capital Region (NCR) is PhP3,500.

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If you have three children and a single mother, this amount is just very little for the daily needs and education of your children. This has prompted many Filipinos to work abroad in the hopes of giving a better life to their family in the Philippines.

When you work as a domestic helper abroad, you will get as much as PhP20,000 as your monthly salary. However, that higher salary is quite hard to achieve.

Facebook user Jane Cervantes shared on social media how she managed to send PhP20,000 to her family in the Philippines.

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According to Jane, for her to give her full salary to the Philippines, she had to be thrifty especially with her food. Most of the time, she only consumes rice, instant noodles, and water. This is really hard for her but Jane chose to endure so she can remit the PhP20,000 to her family.

Furthermore, Jane hopes that OFW families who receive their hard-earned money should value it and spend it wisely.

Jane also gets her strength to sacrifice abroad from her three children and her husband as well.


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