WARNINNG: This video will make you want to bring your own towel when you go for a vacation.

Do you bring your own towels when you check in a hotel? Or you simply use the ones provided by the hotel since it looks “clean” and white? In this video, your eyes will be opened on how towels are being treated in the hotel.

Towels in the hotel might look clean but actually they might hide dirty secrets. In a video which was posted on Facebook, cleaners can be seen cleaning the toilet bowl using the same towel which are being used to dry your body after a shower.

The towel was used to wipe the inside of the bowl as well as the area around it. Those white, clean looking towels were also used to wipe the floor of the toilet and the bath tub as well.

Come to think of it, you use this towel to wipe your face and your body yet it is also used to clean the floor and the toilet. That’s totally gross!

In addition to the grossness that it already have, you also tend to use these towels to wipe your kids. Those precious ones that even the smallest insect, you won’t allow to land on them actually used those dirty hotel towels.

Will you still use hotel towels? Or take the inconvenience of bringing your ‘own’ clean towels?

See clip below

This is the reason why I will bring my own towels for vacation 😎

Posted by Hephzibah Abigail Rajarmiah on Sunday, August 4, 2019


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