A former cop in Sydney was charged with staging his Pinay girlfriend’s passing in Subic last month.

A smiling selfie of the couple can be seen in the Facebook profile picture of former Australian policeman Jamie Flanagan.

Mr. Flanagan told the police in the Philippines that his girlfriend and live-in partner took her own life inside their Subic home last month, July 21.

Jamie Flanagan has been accused of staging his girlfriend Desiree Manoso

On the day of her demise, Flanagan changes his Facebook profile picture and comments of support flooded his profile.

“Be strong Jamie it will sort itself out so-so sorry for your loss m8,” says a commenter.

“I am lost for words I don’t know what to say just hope you’re going to be OK bud,” says another one.

In another post, Flanagan also detailed his life and how he grew up in a broken home. “I did take a period away from policing where I sold real estate and motor vehicles for a while, after my mother suddenly died, but went back to policing fairly quickly,” he wrote.

“In November 2013 the PTSD finally got the better of me and I stopped work as a Police Officer.”

“My goal is to help as many people earn enough money that they can do what they want when they want and the income takes care of itself for me,” he further added while referring to the internet marketing business that he had since 2007.

The couple had been living in the Philippines

However, as autopsy report came out, it was revealed that Desiree Manoso, 25, was strangled and her partner made it look like a suicide to avoid imprisonment.

It was also found out that the couple had an argument regarding the custody of their daughter. Flanagan wants to take their child to Australia but Desiree couldn’t allow it.

“The (police) report added that the victim also accused her partner of having an affair with another woman,” says a report by Rappler.

If proven guilty, he will have to face 20 to 40 years of jail term in the Philippines.




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