Consider yourself lucky if you land a job abroad with an employer that treats you fairly. There are a lot of domestic helpers who go through a lot of hardships just to send some money to their family in the Philippines.

Combined with homesickness, working abroad is only for those with a tough heart. However, if odds are with you and you fall into kind-hearted employers who treat like family, everything becomes totally bearable.

Facebook user BenshePezlo Guzman posted videos and a series of photos on her social media accounts during a touching moment on her birthday.

Posted by Benshe Pezlo Guzman De on Monday, July 29, 2019

According to the OFW, her employer made a surprise on her birthday and even took some time to prepare for it. They also wanted to celebrate it inside a hotel instead of their house.

In the video, the Filipina can be seen slicing her cake with a huge smile on her face. It is very clear that she is enjoying the moment and felling totally happy that her employers treat her as part of their family.

In a place where you don’t have any family and relatives, it is so great to meet people (and work for them) who treats you kindly.

Despite the growing number of OFWs being treated badly by their employers, there are still these God-given people who give back the good service that you render to their family.

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