Two weeks in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and this Filipina domestic helper already acquired bruises on her arms and hands.

Facebook user Ann Dawang took to social media to express her concern and ask for help for her cousin who is being treated badly by her employer.

According to the Facebook post, OFW Rosemarie Gandon was with her employer for only two weeks and yet she already had bruises all over her body.

Moreover, they couldn’t contact Rosemarie now because her employer took her mobile phone. They couldn’t reach her causing them to fear that something bad had happened to the Filipina.

Ann hopes that her post will reach to the right people. She hopes that the Philippine Embassy in Saudi Arabia can act on and help her cousin from her ill-treating employer. The famous TV personality, RaffyTulfo in Action was also tagged in the post.

Messages of concern and prayers were sent by commenters of her post.

It seems like the growing number of Filipino domestic helpers in Saudi Arabia who are being treated badly by their employers continue to grow despite the efforts of the Philippine government to curb such incidents.

Could this be the start of the implementation of the deployment ban in Saudi?

😭😭😭😭😭😭My god ….pinsan ko si rosemarie gandon… sinasaktan sya ng amo nya..2 weeks padaw sya nasa reyad…

Posted by Ann Dawang on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

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