A Filipina domestic helper in Hong Kong was alleged of ill-treatment towards her two-year-old ward, according to The Sun Web HK.

Almira Wangag faces two months of jail term after twisting her ward’s legs while changing her ward’s diaper. According to the prosecution, the incident happened inside a flat in Villa Royale, Nam Pin Wai, on June 11 at 11:33 in the morning.

The mother of the child saw some redness on her daughter’s legs. She decided to check the CCTV and from there, she saw what her Filipina maid did that caused redness to her child.

In the CCTV footage, Almira can be seen changing the diaper of her ward. However, the child started to act up which led to her twisting those small legs.

The child was later taken to the hospital for examination and it revealed that she got a minor injury. Still, the mother decided to report the incident to the police and Almira was arrested immediately.

According to the investigation, Almira said that she did not intend to hurt her ward but just trying to control her as she changes her nappy. The 34-year-old Filipina also admitted that she was not in herself while doing it because her husband in the Philippine just called saying that her own daughter was running a very high fever and he didn’t know what to do.

The Filipina was remorseful and pleaded guilty over the incident. Even so, she can no longer find another employer in Hong Kong after serving some time in jail.

Almira went to Hong Kong last April 2017 and just renewed her contract with the same employer because “they trusted her”. But after the incident, her employer terminated the contract leaving Almira jobless.

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