Greater number of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) agrees to have divorce in the Philippines, says Senator Pia Cayetano.

According to Cayetano, there is a couple of consultants in the Philippines and outside the country that is drafting the ‘Absolute Divorce’ bill in the Senate.

“Kinarir ko nga ito. We went to Malaysia, we went to Hong Kong and we went to Japan to hear our OFWs in addition to all the Filipinos who are welcomed to attend our hearings, the letters we received grabe ang reaksyon [in favor of] divorce,” says Senator Cayetano.

The senator also noticed that OFWs often respond and react when issues like divorce are being tackled on her social media accounts.

“Mag post lang ako ng kahit ano about divorce sa Facebook biglangang comments, Ma’am Pia yung divorce po natin kamusta na? Laging nandiyan yan,” says Cayetano.

Furthermore, Cayetano noted that different stories surround those couple who wants to move on from unhappy, failed marriage.

“They want to move on. We can judge them for not trying enough. What’s trying not hard enough? waiting for five years? Waiting for ten years? Waiting for 20?”Cayetano added.

She also recalled an experience with an OFW who had a failed marriage.

“Yung isang OFW talagang umiyak siya nga 20 minutes nagkwento siya. Mga 15 years old palang siya pina live-in na siya ng nanay niya don and then siya yung bumubuhay sa asawa niyang inom ng inom. and then umalis siya abroad to earn more money, may kinasa manang ibang babae, nagkaanak sa ibang babae siya pa rin nagsusustento,” says Cayetano.

The lady Senator also thinks that since divorce is not yet in the country, women are bound to men no matter the circumstances they have.


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