A Filipina domestic helper in Kuwait was crying for help after discovering that her boyfriend in the Philippines has another woman and they had a child. Now, she wants all her money back, including the motorcycle that she gave to him.

Rolly Adlawon went to the TV show RaffyTulfo in Action to represent Rosalie Adlawon, an Overseas Filipino Worker, to ask for help regarding her cheating partner who spent her hard-earned money to another woman.

Rosalie sends money to Jones Atico, 37-years-old and construction worker at Santa Maria Bulacan, for their future. She hopes that someday, they will be together and have a happy family.

But everything turned sour when Rosalie found out that Jones has another family and the money that she gave him were all spent on them. Additionally, Rosalie fell sick after experiencing too much stress and devastation after knowing the truth behind her partner.

She wants all that was given to him, returned including the motorcycle, television set, and others. As for the cash, Rosalie demanded at least half the money she gave him.

However, when they talked again, Rosalie decided to forgive Jones since he does not have the capacity to pay back the money that she gave him. Instead, all the things that Rosalie gave Jones were returned back.

After giving back everything, the house that Jones and his family occupied were left empty. It turns out that everything they used, even to the smallest cabinet was owned by the OFW.

See clip below

OFW, nagkasakit na sa ibang bansa, pinagpalit pa ni Kuya na wala raw pakialam kahit mamatay siya!

OFW, nagkasakit na sa ibang bansa, pinagpalit pa ni Kuya na wala raw pakialam kahit mamatay siya! #raffytulfoinactionYoutube: http://bit.ly/1RaffyTulfoOfficialYoutubeFacebook: http://bit.ly/RaffyTulfoOfficialFacebookInstagram: http://bit.ly/RaffyTulfoOfficialInstagramWebsite: http://bit.ly/RaffyTulfoOfficialWebsite

Posted by Raffy Tulfo in Action on Tuesday, August 6, 2019


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