A Filipina in Winnipeg, Canada lost her life to an unfortunate car mishap last week, August 1.

A prayer vigil was held for the demise of 24-year-old Jillian Lummatao who was hit by a car being maneuvered by an 89-year-old man.

The unfortunate mishap that claimed her life happened a day before her 24th birthday. Jillian was taken to the hospital but soon expired last August 6.

“She was the sweetest, thoughtful, friend, lover, sister, daughter. She means a lot to me. And to all of us too,” according to Drei Alcuran, one of her friends who attended the prayer vigil.

The suspect, who was arrested right away will be facing several charges pending to the outcome of the investigation. Several surveillance footage taken from the scene were being shared on social media.

As of 2016, there are 851,410 Filipinos living in Canada, mostly in urbanized areas. However, this number is fast growing every year due to Canada’s more open immigration laws to help aid their low population growth. Filipino-Canadians are considered the third-largest population in the country following Indian and Chinese.

Condolence to the family of the victim. Filipinos in the country are advised to be extra careful when walking or crossing streets.


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