A Filipina domestic helper in Milan, Italy fell to her end while cleaning the window of a high rise building, Tuesday morning.

The 54-year old Filipina was immediately taken to the hospital as police and ambulance responded at the scene immediately.

According to the initial investigation, the woman was cleaning the window of their apartment on the fourth floor when she lost balance and eventually fell.

The Filipina was the only one inside the house when the incident happened as her employers were in Greece. However, her employer will still be investigated and could face charges following the incident.

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Window cleaning is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Unfortunately, Filipinos in Italy working in the household service sector are tasked to clean windows of their employer’s apartment situated in a high-raise building without even having protective gear and equipment.

Not just in Milan, even in Hong Kong and UAE, domestic helpers are discouraged from cleaning apartment windows of high raise buildings. Countries like Hong Kong strictly implements a law that prohibits employers from making their helpers clean the windows of their apartments.

This is not the first time that such an incident happened. There is already an alarming number of domestic helpers falling from the window of a building.


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