The Filipina who was found sitting on the floor of Hong Kong airport is finally in good hands.

Rachel Claravall Bumatay, 36, was finally in good hands after two days that a video of her sitting on the floor in Hong Kong airport was captured. In the video, she was obviously not on her right mind.

According to The Sun HK, Bumatay was taken by the police to Lantau Hospital last August 10 right after she was taken a video. She stayed in the hospital for a day before she was allowed to be released through the help of her relative, Rochell Pombo.

A relative of Bumatay said that the woman suffered from depression and anxiety after roaming Hong Kong for three days. His husband decided to tour her wife in Hong Kong hoping that it will lessen her sadness. However, the contrary of that happened.

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They were already in the departure area when they noticed that Bumatay was lost. She wanted to spend more days in Hong Kong because she didn’t have the chance to do it when she was still working in the country. But Bumatay insisted and left on her own.

Her husband, meanwhile, decided to board their flight together with their child who has a disability. He just entrusted his other relatives in HK to locate her wife.

It was then that a video circulated online and her relative Rochell Pombo immediately went to find Bumatay. She found out that her relative was taken to the hospital and went to fetch her.

Through the help of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, Bumatay was taken back to the Philippines where her family can take care of her.


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