The most common method of victimizing Filipinos for jobs in UAE is by offering a visit visa. Unlike other countries, in UAE, you are allowed to find a job while on visit visa. By the time you get a job, your visa will then be renewed as a working visa.

Promises of work in UAE are abundant, particularly for this reason. However, not everyone who goes to the Emirates through visit visa gets a job. Sad to say, they fall prey to illegal recruiters. By the time they arrived in UAE, they were not given jobs or sent to employers who in turn will treat them less of a person.

A picture of Filipinos being sheltered at the Philippine Embassy in Dubai after becoming a victim of human trafficking in the Emirates.

Though they are now in good hands, their suffering still goes on. As seen on the picture, these Filipino victims lay down on the floor, side by side. They cannot fit inside the room, therefore, others had to sleep in the hallway.

Facebook user Chie Umandap posted the photo as a reminder to never take jobs in UAE while you are in visit visa. Never step foot in the country without securing a valid working visa first.

According to Chie, most of the Filipinos sheltered by the Philippine Embassy in UAE are victims of illegal recruitment. They leave the Philippines and uses a tourist visa to enter the UAE. Later, they end up asking for help because they are either badly treated by their employers or they are left without a job in UAE until their visa expires.

Currently, there are 400 Filipinos being sheltered in UAE. Chie even referred the situation as “daig pa ang bilibid prison”.


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