No matter the circumstances, a baby will always be a blessing. However, there are mothers who can’t comprehend this gift and just prefers to leave them anywhere.

A baby boy was found inside a room in a boarding house in Cebu City. His mother is nowhere to be found.

According to reports, the baby is yet to turn a month old when he was found inside a room around 4 in the early dawn. They couldn’t recognize the baby and his mother as well. The poor baby just keeps on crying, maybe looking for his mom who abandoned him.

Facebook user TaTak Mindanao posted several photos online and particularly pointing out how handsome the baby is. He also sent a shout-out to the mom of the baby who was unhesitant to leave the poor guy. He points out that there are a lot of people who want to have a baby but couldn’t and yet she only left hers.

Netizens sympathized on the poor baby, some even offering an adaption.

“If you’re looking a couple to adopt the baby. Message me. We are a couple of longing to have a child,” says one netizen.

“Thank you guys for all of your concerned, the baby was already in our custody. Galing kami DSWD at process na po yung adoption papers sa bata. Hope God will provide us. Daghan Salamat ninyo! God bless us always,” says another one.

Thankfully, some kind-hearted couple is willing to love and care for the baby, something that her own mother couldn’t give.

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Usa ka batang lalaki nga wala pay buwan gibilin sa pultahan sa usa ka kwarto sa boarding haus dri sa cebu city, pasado…

Posted by TaTak Mindanao on Monday, August 19, 2019


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