A 14-year-old teenager was sent to Saudi Arabia for work. Wondering how a teenager managed to get out of the country? Her recruiter managed to traffic the girl by defrauding her age.

According to GMA News, the teenage OFW escaped from her ill-treating employer but was soon taken advantaged by the person who pretended to help her.

Poverty pushed “Almira” to agree to change her age so she can leave the country and work as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia last year.

The teenager was made to look adult and her documents were defrauded by her recruiter so she can work abroad. However, when she arrived in Saudi, her employer started to maltreat her prompting for her immediate escape.

A foreign man found her and promised to help. But instead of help, she was taken advantaged by the man three times. She only managed to escape from the man after he got into an accident.

Another OFW fell victim of illegal recruitment. She was only identified as “Jana”, a 17-year-old teenager who escaped from the household of her employer after she was accused of stealing.

Jane was also pushed to clean the house of her employer’s friends knowing that it was not her job anymore.

Both Jane and Almira in already in the custody of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Jeddah while they are being arranged to arrive in the Philippines.

According to OWWA, the number of minors being recruited and defraud so they can leave the country and find a job abroad is very alarming.

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