In the past months, Banco De Oro (BDO) received backlash from unsatisfied customers allegedly losing money from fraudulent activities.

Another BDO account holder poured her dismay on BDO through Facebook.

A certain Sheena Sayson posted on her social media regarding her concern with regards to fraudulent emails that she received claiming that her BDO online banking will get deactivated if she refuses to answer the questions they provided.

According to Sheena, she received an email from “BDO” saying that his online account will get deactivated if she fails to provide necessary information about her BDO account. Sheena thought it was real so she provided her username, password, address, and other vital information.

After some time, somebody from BDO called her to verify the information she submitted. Sheena never doubted the person who called her because she talked fluently in English, as though she is really a customer service representative of BDO.

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The woman also said that she will send an OTP to verify her phone number. Without hesitation, she gave the OTP and the other person in line even thanked her.

In the morning, when she tried to access her BDO online account, she was denied access. Shocked and confused, she checked her email and found several unauthorized transactions. Both her 2 debit savings account and 1 credit card was connected to the BDO app.

Sheena lost a huge amount of cash and all the cards connected to her BDO app was already blocked. But it was too late, there are multiple transfers that cannot be reversed.

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BDO is currently undergoing an investigation regarding her issue.

See Facebook below

Guys, if naka receive kayo ng email from BDO online banking na ganito pls dont open and fill the information. I just got…

Posted by Sheena Sayson on Monday, August 19, 2019


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