In the midst of the growing number of dengue cases in the Philippines, a 4-year-old girl becomes one of the youngest victims and her family couldn’t believe that she had to go through such hardship at a very young age.

According to GMA News, a four-year-old kid was brought to a hospital in Naga City but was declared expired upon arrived. The cause of her passing is dengue.

Princess Emerald Mendoza didn’t reach the hospital alive, devastating her family, particularly her Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) mother who just went to work in Hong Kong two months ago.

According to the grandfather of the child, Princess started to have a fever last August 18 and they immediately rushed her to a private hospital in Tagkawayan, Quezon just near Del Gallego, Camarines Sur where they live.

Princess has undergone a blood test but it turned out to be negative for dengue because the platelet count is normal. To be sure that she is free from dengue, her family had her go through blood test in the after. Once again, her test results turned out to be negative.

August 18, Monday, the child was again taken to Maria L. EleazarMomerial District Hospital because her fever wont subside. Other than a stomachache, the child didn’t particularly complain of other body pains.

On the next few days, the fever of Princess was on and off. Her platelet count also barely went down and started to throw up blood.

Last Friday, the child’s doctor decided to transfer the child into another hospital. While on the road, the child kept on vomiting blood and soon lost her pulse.

It was later found out that the poor kid suffered acute dengue. Her grandfather got really mad towards the doctor and the nurse who first took care of Princess at Tagkawayan hospital.

If only he knew the real condition of the child, the unfortunate thing could have been prevented.

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