25 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia becomes a victim of visa-switching by their agency.

In a video from DZRH News, one of the victims cried as she relates how they are treated inside their employer’s house in Saudi. According to her, they are deprived of electricity in the midst of the extreme weather condition in the country.

They are confused about why their visa as a merchandiser was changed as cleaners by their agency, International Resource Development Corporation.

The reason for their recruitment agency for sudden changes is that they can leave the country sooner if their working visa states that they will be working as cleaners instead of merchandiser.

There are already a lot of Filipinos intercepted in Saudi for working differently from the ones stated on their working visa.

Last July, they were removed from their jobs because of their performance. After that, they were detained in a house and couldn’t even get out to buy food. August 17, another set of employees were terminated without telling them the reason.

Currently, they are worried because they are being forced to sign a contract stating that they voluntarily transferred to another employer and their recruitment agency do not have a responsibility towards them.

This group of OFWs is asking for help from President Duterte so they can return to the Philippines.

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