A Filipina domestic helper was imprisoned over allegations that she stole PhP2.6 million worth of jewelry from her employer in Hong Kong.

A 42-year-old Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) will be spending some time in jail after court finds her guilty of stealing and pawning PhP2.6 million worth of jewelry owned by her employer in Ho Man Tin, Hong Kong.

Charity E.R was sentenced by District Court Judge Clement Lee into 6 months in jail following her claims that she indeed took her employer’s 27 pieces of jewelry, some of it came from family heirlooms.

“A lot came from grandma who has passed away,” the employer confessed in front of the court. “I totally trusted her and allowed her to stay in my home and she did that to me.”

The Filipina confessed into taking one diamond ring, one diamond bracelet, one gold ring, one pair of diamond earrings, two diamond necklaces, two other necklaces, six gold bracelets and 13 gold necklaces with pendants. She also stole cash amounting to Rmb2,000.

However, there were only seven pieces of jewelry recovered by the police from the pawnshop. It amounted to PhP1.6 million. There are still 20 other missing jewelry amounting to PhP1 million but the Filipina does not have the capacity to pay all of it. The money that she got from pawning the jewelry was also gone.

According to reports, her employer kept those precious things inside a locked drawer placed in the master’s bedroom. However, the key was just placed in a cabinet near the locked drawer.

At first, Charity was sentenced to 26 months imprisonment. This was later reduced to 15 months because of her plea and clean records.


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