Sometimes, you choose to do something bad thinking that it will benefit you. But it will not. Bad deeds give bad results.

A Filipina domestic helper was caught by her employer stealing money from them to give to her child in the Philippines. She also claims that the incident didn’t happen once but three times.

In the video, the employer can be heard asking if the domestic helper stole money from them. She admitted it without hesitation and said that it was the third time she stole from them to send money for her child in the Philippines.

The Filipina said that she already took 1000 but the currency remains unclear. She pleads for forgiveness continuously by her employer already called the police.

This should serve as a strong reminder to all Filipinos working as household service workers to never take what’s not yours or suffer the intensity of punishment imposed in other countries.

The identity of the Filipina was not mentioned in the video. It was also not mentioned if she was sent to jail or back to the Philippines.

Netizens, on the other hand, hopes that her employer only sent her home and not to the police. One netizen also said that relatives in the Philippines should be more mindful when asking money from their relatives abroad.

See clip below

Filipino maid caught stealing money from employer

Filipino maid caught stealing money from employer

Posted by K lmao on Friday, August 30, 2019


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