An American national was intercepted at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) after it was found out that she was hiding a baby inside her luggage.

A certain Jennifer Erin Talbot undergoes interrogation by the Airport authorities after they saw a 6-day old baby inside the hand-carry luggage of Talbot while at NAIA Terminal 3.

Delta Airlines coordinated with Immigration authorities to report the ‘rare’ incident. According to the Chief of Port Operations Division of the Bureau of Immigration Grifton Medina, the foreigner also do not have the necessary documents for a trip abroad.

It was found out that the baby was born by a Filipino mother just six days ago. However, the identity of the mother remains unknown as the investigation goes on.

The US Embassy was already notified regarding the incident.

Talbot was also questioned on the way she handled the baby which could have been suffocated if left alone for hours. Additionally, according to the regulations implemented by almost all airports all over the world, every person must have proper documentation before they can board a flight, be it a young baby or an old person.

The reason why Talbot tried to hide the child in the luggage and illegally bring him abroad remains unknown.


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