A Filipina domestic in Saudi Arabia helper is feeling betrayed after her employer took her money and didn’t give her salary. On top of that, she was also slapped on the face.

A certain MJ Aquino is asking for help through Facebook after her employer refused to pay her salary and even took the money which was supposed to be sent to her family in the Philippines.

According to Aquino, it was Wednesday when she asked the employer to send money to her family in the Philippines because it’s her child’s birthday and her grandfather was in the hospital. She employer refused and told her to wait until tomorrow.

Posted by Mj Aquino on Monday, September 2, 2019

Thursday, she gave money to her employer amounting to SAR1,200 and taxi fare worth SAR100 so she can send money to the Philippines. Her employer agreed and took the money. However, when her employer returned home, she claimed that the remittance center was already closed when she arrived.

Aquino was told that the money will be returned to her together with her salary on Sunday. Sunday came and her male employer is home.

The Filipina asked for her salary and the money that she gave to her female employer. They said the money will be returned the following day.

The Filipina felt devastated and went to the kitchen crying. Her employer got angry and slapped her on the face claiming that they also have their own set of problems.

Her employer also threatened to send her home without her salary for three months.

The Filipina is asking for help so she can return to the Philippines with her salary that she worked hard for.


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